From a photo-trip in Greenland

From a photo-trip in Greenland

I'm a 30 year old wildlife photographer from Holbeak, Denmark. Currently living in Greenland.
My great passion in photography is within the genres nature and wildlife photography. To achieve my goals and to challenge myself I often spent most of my holidays travelling to different parts of the world with my camera. I've spent a great amount of time in Arctic areas to get close to the wildlife.
I want to show the wildlife in their natural habitat.

I'm a self-taught photographer and I've been focusing a lot on my work as a photographer since 2016. 
I've had to take one step at the time because of my full time job as an Activity floater for US Air Force.

Nature and Wildlife photography.
I began doing photography when I was a teenager; my fascination for wildlife was a great combination with my interest of photography.
When I moved to Greenland in 2012 to work as activity guide for US air force, and after that I moved to Svalbard in 2014 where I was a Dog sledding guide.
I really started to realize that I wanted to focus on wildlife photography. I have after founded the polar regions as my specialty
Arctic and Antarctic and the wildlife that lives in this extreme environment have all my life impressed me.
Beside the cold areas, I have done a lot of diving In Asia, where I have done underwater photography. The last 3 years I have moved diving to the cold areas, and have had the pleasure to swim with killer whales and humpback whales in Norway.
I have held Photography workshops in Denmark, Uganda, Norway, Antarctica and Greenland.

I use Canon



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