Youtube channel is running!

Hi Guys.

I want to take to deeper into my work as a nature photographer.
I started a couple weeks ago to Vlog when i am out shooting. So if you want to walk with me and get a small behind the camera experience
Go to youtube and check it out, i hope you will love it.

I always search for improvement so let me know if there is anything i can do better.

Hope to hear from you.


One day as a Hunter

- It takes something truly special to live life as a Greenlandic hunter. For one week, I was invited out multiple times with two hunters, Thomas and Marcus, hunting seals, Jonas Beyer Petersen tells. 

- The environment is harsh and the purpose honorable; to provide food for both the families of the hunters and even their dog packs.


A quick glimpse

- This was an amazing experience, living one days in the life of the hunters. My photo collection is but a glimpse of it, barely doing it's justice.

- It would be easy to think that they hunt for sport, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. The entire animal is used, and it’s done in a respectful and sustainable manner

- To emphasize the aesthetic of both the lives of the hunters and the greatness of nature, I have chosen to use black and white photos, so the focus is on the people and the animals in this desert of ice

Dog sled from Savissivik to Cape York

I just back from visiting a small settlement in Northern part of west Greenland, Savissivik.
Here is 56 people living. They have a small shop, a school with 8 students, a church and a community house.
Everything is ran by them self, and their major income is by hunting.
The hunt all animals living in the high arctic.
The hunting is controlled by the government and they get an amount of permits per animal.
The amazing thing about the hunt they do, are it is totally sustainable. They use all part of all animals.
The skin for clothes, meat and fat for food or dog food.
I will show you some photo from the trip where i followed 3 hunters on a polar bear hunt.

I went out for 4 days. The photos under here is a short preview of these days